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Born 1978 in Düsseldorf ....after he finished school, he went to university, where he studied Social Science and German Studies. After all this he discovered photography, which finally felt right. After a traineeship in photography, he spend several years as an assistent for a number of photographers. This allowed him to see the world and gave him most of the knowledge he profits from today. He worked largely in the field of Portrait, business reports, people and advertising photography. His work is direct, focused and authentic. He portrays people, situations and places with intense emotional sensibility and extreme visual clarity. This ensures the high level of authenticity vital to Boris Leist`s work. The photographer himself says: “ I want to reach people and I am convinced that to do this successfully you have to be willing to be honest about who and what you are. Wether an individual person, a magazine or an entire company, authenticity will always make the best and longest lasting impression".